Tumi is a horrible company to work for as they treat employess like ***. There product is marked up about 300% for a very easy to make item.

$600 for a $100 cost item! Don't buy the name!!!! Most everything they make is made in China to keep the costs at a minimum. While most items made in China are under Quality control, Tumi products seem to be made too fast and have many problems due to the speed at which they are available.

There customer service in the stores is not tailored to the customer. The employees think they are better than everyone.

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I bought a nice leather Tumi brief-case in Beijing for ¥200... or $30.

The leather, stitching, Buckles, leather strap, cloth interior and overall quality are pretty incredible. To be honest, I doubt it’s any different than the bags sold in the USA.

I looked online and it retails for $595. I’ll be putting boxes of these, LV, Burberry and Gucci in my container when I head back to the USA, mark it up 800-1000% and make about @$20-25k in profit thus supporting my American dream.

to Trump #1495973

knock off, but could be decent quality


Americans are easily bamboozled into buying overly priced junk because a "name" brand has been programed into their brains to the point of not using common sense. This is evident when I went to the Tumi website and saw a 1300.00 carryon that didn't look any more "special" than any other basic carry on.

The hardcase luggage was kind of cute, but not worth that type of money. No one cares anyhow what your luggage looks like.


My ex-gf's family used to make Tumi bags in America spending a lot of money on their factory to be able to produce their bags. One day, Tumi suddenly notified them that they are shifting their manufacturing contracts with factories in China.

So much for supporting the people of U.S.of A.

I will never buy another Tumi product again. Btw, my ex gf's family filed for bankruptcy, and went through some hard times.

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States #1128693

Agree 100%


I DO AGREE 100 %.



I agree I wanted to order a set 2000 plus and needed special shipping do to my being in a remote location. No help big run around. I don't mind spending money but this is not a class organization any more.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #791693

*** lots of loosers here.fill sorry for you guys.god still loves you


Tumi is absolutely horrible. The products, the service, all of it.

The only people buying these bags is people who don't have the money to buy them in the first place. I was in a store and a guy bought $4,000 worth of luggage (2 Pieces - mind you) and then he made some remark about how he will be paying for it for the next 30 years... You *** dumbshit ***!!!

If you can't afford it then don't buy it. If you buy it- keep your *** piehole shut.


Yeah- you are right- they treat their employees like ***. I don't know of any other job where you sell $18,000 worth of products in one sale and all you get is a "good-job".

No commission environment and very low hourly pay for what they are selling. Most customers are nasty big nosed Jews who want the world or chinks who always try to get a discount.

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